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KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON in your bin, without being at the bin.

BinCheckDeluxe® allows you to keep track of what’s going on in your grain bin without having to be at the bin. Easily access your grain bin data from anywhere at anytime with a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, using your secure SureTrack FARM™ account.

BinCheckDeluxe delivers accurate temperature and moisture readings through the IntelliFarms’ patented 3G Plus™ Cables, taking multiple measurements throughout the bin for a complete look at the grain. BinCheckDeluxe is a good solution for grain bins that don’t have fans and heaters to automate but still need to be monitored in real-time without the hassle of going to the bin. (NOTE: If you have fans and heaters, check out the capabilities of BinManager® to maximize the full potential of your grain.)


Gain peace of mind with the most reliable grain bin temperature and moisture monitoring system, capturing moisture and temperature with every sensor.

Make decisions on when to run fans and heaters based on real-time bin data - even when you aren’t at the bin.

Get real-time alerts and notifications via text and email when issues arise in the bin, allowing you to react quickly if needed.

No more manual probing or climbing bins; data is captured and reported directly to you keeping you safely outside your bins.

What does this mean? YOU CAN...

  • Complete grain bin details while you are on-site at the bin.
  • No computer or internet access needed.
  • Grain-filled bins become zero-entry to avoid risk of entrapment.
  • No need to manually probe grain or climb bins for any reason, data is captured and reported via the bluetooth app.
  • No part of our system requires entry for maintenance.
GAIN PEACE OF MIND with Your Grain Storage
  • Monitors temperature and moisture levels in every sensor on every cable, providing a complete understanding of grain conditions allowing for proactive management.
  • Critical bin data presented in an easy to understand 3D view for quick assessments.
  • The system sends alerts directly to you via email and text when issues arise.
  • Wireless network that allows multiple bins to easily communicate with each other and send data seamlessly to your SureTrack FARM account.
  • Configurable for operations small and large, including elevators.
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It's easy to upgrade from BinCheckDeluxe to a full BinManager system.

Why BinManager? In addition to providing comprehensive, real-time data about the condition of your grain, BinManager automates fans and heaters to run only when productive air is present. It is the only grain bin automation system that dries, cools and even re-hydrates grain to your targets with precision all while preserving the protein, oil and starch contents. Click here to check out more information on BinManager.

Easily monitor your grain without the danger of climbing the bin.

No pressure, no hassle, integrity driven free demo at your location of choice.

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