Grain Bins using Grain Bin Management


NO MORE LOSSES with the proper grain bin management.

It’s not enough to just fill your grain bins; you invest too much in your crops to run the risk of shrinkage or over-drying. BinManager is the industry’s leading grain bin management solution that conditions and preserves your investment until you are ready to sell.

In today’s market you can capture higher profits and premiums with well-conditioned, quality grain. BinManager is the only grain bin automation system that dries, cools and even re-hydrates grain to your targets with precision all while preserving the protein, oil and starch contents. Gain peace of mind when you have BinManager to protect, monitor and manage your stored grain.


Gain peace of mind with the most reliable grain bin temperature and moisture monitoring system, capturing moisture and temperature with every sensor.

Operate your fans and/or heaters to maximize runtime and reduce costs while conditioning your grain to precise targets with grain bin automation.

Capture higher profits and premiums with quality grain; this is the only system that is proven to achieve target moisture levels, AND preserve protein, oil and starch contents.

No more manual probing or climbing bins; data is captured and reported directly to you keeping you safely outside your bins.

What does this mean? YOU CAN...

MAXIMIZE PROFITS with proper grain bin management

  • Keep your grain in peak condition until you are ready to sell.
  • Achieve target moisture levels, AND preserve protein, oil and starch contents while in the bin.

IMPROVE EFFICIENCY with Grain Bin Automation

  • Run fans, dryers and heaters only when productive air is present to save on runtime costs.
  • Monitors temperature and moisture levels in every sensor on every cable, providing a complete understanding of grain conditions allowing for proactive management.


  • Grain-filled bins become zero entry to avoid risk of entrapment.
  • No need to manually probe grain or climb bins for any reason, data is captured and reported directly to you.
  • No part of our system requires entry for maintenance.

GAIN PEACE OF MIND with Your Grain Storage

  • Access your bin data anytime, anywhere from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Critical bin data presented in an easy to understand 3D view for quick assessments.
  • System alerts sent directly to you when issues arise allowing you to react quickly.

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