Find the Best Cash Market Opportunities for Your Grain

When it’s time to sell your grain, CashBidManager helps shine light on new market opportunities.

CashBidManager delivers real-time cash bids up to a 400-mile radius from your location so you can follow trends, compare prices and seize opportunities. And you can access CashBidManager online from your phone, tablet or computer, giving you unlimited access to the data you need to make quick decisions. When you're ready to take your crop to market, CashBidManager empowers you with the information you need to maximize your return on investment.

CashBidManager display from inside of the Platform


  •    Cash bid prices are updated daily by grain merchandisers across the nation, and you can view updated bids within a specified radius of your location.
  •    Factor your cost of inputs and transportation per bushel, and CashBidManager will display data in a way that lets you compare the closest markets with the most profitable markets in your area
  •    Indicate favored relationships in order to easily evaluate their current bids first
  •    Dive into historical trends within each market


  •    Opens you up to new market opportunities
  •    Helps you determine maximum delivery radius for profitability
  •    Real-time data that is easily presented helps you achieve highest returns

Don’t leave money on the table, get real-time cash bids up to 400 miles from your farm.

No pressure, no hassle, integrity driven free demo at your location of choice.

CashBidManager is available with a subscription to SureTrack FARM

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